Typography and Editorial Design
ISTD: Awarded Pass
Design a typographic piece exploring the theme Lost. Investigate the widest interpretation of the theme and create a typographic piece to please the eye and stimulate the brain.
Through the decipherment of Ancient Hieroglyphics, a variety of different languages were used to find comparisons and relationships between different glyphs and styles of communication, as well as uncovering thousands of years of lost Ancient history. 
"Just as Hieroglyphics were once thought  
 to be images of ideas, it is easy to assume
 that texts are simple reflections of a 
 lost reality"​​​​​​​

Simon Singh, BBC (2017)
The design is both interactive and informative, acting as a tomb in which the more you open up the piece, the more information you uncover. The two main sections contain a book with the history behind the featured scripts and their evolution as well as the history behind the Rosetta Stone which paved the way for the decipherment of ancient scripts.
The second section consists of cards which contain visual breakdowns of the decipherment of Hieroglyphics as well as showing the relationship between the four featured scripts.
An interactive piece for museum visitors with both contextual research as well as visual representations of the information presented to celebrate the art forms of the Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Demotic and Coptic scripts.

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